Automated scheduling tool to organise meetings without the hassle of emails

Calendly - Simplify your Appointment Planning

Calendly simplifies meeting planning by allowing users to define their availability and share a link so that others can choose a time that suits them too. It eliminates the need to exchange multiple emails to find a common schedule. Calendly integrates easily with calendars such as Google, Outlook and iCal, and offers features such as creating different types of meetings, adding time stamps, and automatically sending meeting reminders.

How does Calendly work?


Calendly is transforming the way you organise your appointments and meetings. This scheduling platform simplifies the process of making appointments by allowing your contacts to choose a time slot based on your availability, without having to send e-mails back and forth. Calendly synchronises perfectly with your personal calendar, avoiding scheduling conflicts. It offers remarkable flexibility with customisation options for different types of meetings, automatic reminders and easy integration with other tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Whether you are a freelance professional, a small business or a large organisation, Calendly is the ideal solution for managing your time efficiently and improving your productivity.


Calendly adapts to a multitude of situations, making it easy to plan in a variety of professional contexts. For consulting professionals, Calendly simplifies the organisation of sessions with clients. Recruiters use it to manage job interviews efficiently, easily aligning candidates' availability with that of their teams. Trainers and coaches find Calendly an easy way of scheduling their sessions. In the healthcare sector, doctors and therapists can manage their consultations effortlessly. Calendly is also perfect for organising internal meetings or team calls, ensuring smooth synchronisation and optimised time management.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Integrated with a wide range of calendars and tools
  • Customisable meeting types
  • Automated invitations and reminders


  • Limited functionality in the free version
  • Lack of flexibility for complex use cases

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