Open-source, customisable scheduling platform to simplify appointment booking - Simplify your Online Planning is an open-source alternative to Calendly, offering meeting and appointment scheduling functionality. Users can configure their calendar with their availability, allowing others to book available time slots easily. is distinguished by its open-source nature, offering greater flexibility and customisation for developers and businesses. It supports multiple integrations, including with popular calendar tools, and offers options such as group meetings, multiple time zones, and payment integrations for consultations.

How does Cal work?

Fonctionalities is the online calendar solution that is revolutionising the way you organise your appointments and meetings. This open-source platform allows you to fully customise your scheduling experience, tailoring the interface and functionality to your specific needs. With, it's easy to configure your availability, synchronise with your existing calendars and let others reserve slots without constant email exchanges. Whether for business consultations, team meetings or customer service sessions, offers an intuitive and elegant solution for managing your schedule and that of your team. Its flexible approach and multiple integrations make it the ideal tool for anyone looking to streamline their planning.

Usecases adapts to a wide range of scenarios, making it essential in a variety of professional contexts. Healthcare professionals use it to schedule patient appointments while maintaining the necessary confidentiality and flexibility. Consultants and coaches appreciate its simplicity for organising sessions with their clients. In the corporate world, makes it easy to plan team meetings, job interviews and webinars. It's also perfect for teachers and trainers who want to plan courses or workshops. Thanks to its ability to integrate with other applications and its extensive customisation, is the tool of choice for optimising time organisation, whatever your field of activity.


  • Open-source and highly customisable
  • Support for group meetings and different time zones
  • No feature limitations in the free version
  • Multiple integrations, including payment options


  • Requires more configuration than non-open-source solutions
  • May require technical knowledge for customisation

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They are already using no-code tools daily
They are already using no-code tools daily

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