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BeBranded is a French No-code agency that helps you find your target customers. Our expertise is your ally for creating your website.

Our key certifications

We attach significant priority to the ongoing development of our expertise, so that we can bring you strong value for your projects.

Weglot Expert Agency

We are proud to be a Weglot expert agency. We use the Weglot solution to develop your multilingual sites.
Learn more about Weglot solutions

Website carbon

It's not a certification, but we wanted to show that we've used all the best practices to make our site as low-carbon as possible.
See the website carbon report

Certification Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

This qualification demonstrates that we have an in-depth understanding of Google Analytics, enabling us to analyse and exploit data to improve website performance and strategy.
See the Certification Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)
Webflow certification logo image

Webflow Expert Certification

This demonstrates our complete expertise in Webflow, including the design, development and management of high-level web projects.
See the Webflow Expert Certification

HubSpot Digital Marketing Certification

This certification shows that we are trained in the various digital marketing techniques and tools, from email marketing to social media marketing, offering an integrated and effective approach to engaging our audience.
See the HubSpot Digital Marketing Certification
Semrush Certification logo Image

How to Get More Customers with Your Small Business Website with Wes McDowell

This certification indicates that we have acquired specific strategies for optimising our clients' websites to attract and convert more customers through targeted marketing techniques.
See the How to Get More Customers with Your Small Business Website with Wes McDowell Certification
Semrush Certification logo Image

Semrush SEO Crash Course with Brian Dean Certification

This certification means that we have been trained in advanced SEO techniques by a recognised expert in the field, to increase the visibility and organic traffic of our websites.
See the Semrush SEO Crash Course with Brian Dean Certification
Notion Essentials Badge image

Notion Essentials Badge

This badge confirms that we have mastered the essential features of Notion, a powerful tool for organising and collaborating on projects.
See the Notion Essentials Badge

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Certification

This proves that we have the skills to implement and manage tracking tags on websites using Google Tag Manager, facilitating analysis and optimisation without direct intervention in the code.
See the Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Certification

Google Ads Search Certification

This shows that we know how to create and manage effective advertising campaigns in the Google search network, maximising visibility and return on investment.
See the Google Ads Search Certification

Webflow CMS Certification

With this certification, we are recognised for our ability to manage and customise website content dynamically through the Webflow Content Management System (CMS).
See the Webflow CMS Certification

Webflow Layout Level 02 Certification

This means that we have mastered the more advanced features of Webflow, enabling us to create complex layouts and optimise interactions on websites.
See the Webflow Layout Level 02 Certification

Webflow Layout Level 01 Certification

This certification indicates that we have the necessary skills to create responsive web interfaces, using the basic Webflow tools to structure and style web pages efficiently.
See the Webflow Layout Level 01 Certification

Do you have any questions?

The timeline can vary based on the project's complexity and requirements. On average, a basic website takes 2-4 weeks from conception to launch. However, more complex sites may take longer. We'll provide a tailored estimate after understanding your specific needs.
Our specialist no-code and low-code solutions team will be at the forefront of your project. You will also be paired with a member of our team who will be your main point of contact and ensure seamless communication throughout the project.
Of course we do! We provide constant support to keep your site up to date and perfectly optimised for online ranking (SEO).
To create your new no-code website, we use Webflow or Framer software to create dynamic, customisable and effective websites. This approach enables us to quickly deliver robust, adaptable solutions that meet a wide range of requirements.
To begin the creation of your website, you will have access to a preparatory document, in which we will collect the various contents intended for your new website.
Once you have completed this document, we will arrange a meeting to explain how everything will work, how to communicate and give you access to our documents so that you can follow the development in real time.
We're here for the long term! From small changes to major upgrades, our team is ready to help. You can request a set of changes via your control panel.
More questions?

The No Code Toolbox

We've listed the best no-code tools that we use in some of our projects. You can find a clear explanation of each of these tools here. We update the list and add new tools regularly.


Empower your team with Fibery's customizable workspaces for seamless collaboration and data insights
See more about Fibery


Transform every lead into a potential sale with lightning-fast, automated call responses.
Customer Relations
See more about Callingly


Accelerate app development with Firebase's powerful backend services
See more about Firebase

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