Transform every lead into a potential sale with lightning-fast, automated call responses.

Maximize Lead Engagement with Callingly: Your Ultimate Lead Response Management Tool

Callingly is a lead response management platform that ensures immediate contact with every new lead, promising a call back in less than 30 seconds. It is designed for seamless integration with CRMs, landing pages, or web forms, capturing lead information instantly for rapid response by sales teams​​.

How does Callingly work?

Once a new lead is generated, Callingly integrates with your CRM or web form to initiate an automatic call to your sales team. The first agent to respond is briefed with the lead's details through Whispertext and connected to the lead. After the call, detailed analytics and recordings are synced to your CRM, providing insights into team performance and lead engagement effectiveness​​.


Callingly specializes in rapid lead engagement through features like automatic lead calling, intelligent lead routing, sales performance management, and seamless CRM integration. It offers detailed analytics on team performance, call recordings for quality assurance, and customizable caller IDs for a more personalized approach. SMS responses and follow-up calls ensure no lead is left behind​​​​.


Whether you're managing remote sales teams, looking to improve lead response times, or wanting to ensure a personalized follow-up for every lead, Callingly caters to a broad spectrum of sales and marketing needs. It is particularly beneficial for businesses aiming to increase their conversion rates through efficient lead management and immediate engagement​​​​.


  • Immediate Lead Response: Ensures leads are contacted within seconds, significantly reducing response times.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Offers insights into call lengths, response rates, and overall sales performance.
  • High Customizability: From Whispertext to caller IDs, Callingly allows customization to fit your brand and sales approach​​.


  • Learning Curve: Integrating and optimizing Callingly's functionalities with existing systems may require initial training.
  • Cost for Larger Teams: While Callingly offers a free trial, larger teams might find the cost of additional users beyond the included two users (starting at $49 per month) to be a consideration​​.

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They are already using no-code tools daily

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