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WeWeb - Build Saas with no-code

WeWeb is a no-code platform that revolutionizes web application development. It enables users to create custom front-ends connected to any back-end, streamlining the process of building customer portals, multi-tenant SaaS platforms, and internal applications. WeWeb offers design freedom, backend flexibility, and no-code workflows, allowing for scalable and efficient development.

How does WeWeb work?


  • Visual Editor: Provides a user-friendly interface for creating unique, responsive designs with popular elements like data grids, Kanban boards, and rich text inputs.
  • No-code Workflows: Enables the creation of advanced business logic through no-code actions, branching, splits, and a native debugger.
  • Integrations: Offers the ability to connect web applications to various tools via native integrations or any service with an API.
  • Data Source Flexibility: WeWeb allows users to work with any API (REST, GraphQL, or SOAP) and includes native plugins for platforms like Airtable, Xano, and Supabase.
  • Authentication: Supports industry-standard authentication methods, including native integrations and custom token-based systems.


  • Building custom front-ends for various back-end systems.
  • Creating scalable customer portals and multi-tenant SaaS platforms.
  • Developing internal applications for enterprises.
  • Launching MVPs quickly.


  • Speed and Efficiency: Accelerates the process of web app development with a no-code approach.
  • Design and Backend Freedom: Offers extensive customization in design and seamless integration with various back-end systems.
  • Scalability: Suitable for businesses of all sizes, enabling the growth of complex web applications.
  • Extensive Integration Options: Provides robust integration capabilities for enhanced functionality.
  • Customizability: Allows the import of custom Vue.js components and supports custom CSS & JS.


  • Learning Curve: Might require some time to familiarize with the platform's features and capabilities.
  • Limited SEO Tools: While offering some SEO management, it may not be as comprehensive as specialized SEO tools.

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