Collaborative presentation tool for creating visually captivating and interactive slides

Pitch - Your solution for any presentation

Pitch is a modern presentation platform designed to facilitate team collaboration and the creation of compelling slides. With an intuitive user interface and collaborative features, Pitch enables teams to work together in real time to create professional presentations. Features include customisable templates, multimedia content integration, presentation performance analysis tools, and online sharing and commenting options. Pitch stands out for its ease of use, while offering powerful tools for impactful visual storytelling and effective data narration.

How does Pitch work?


With Pitch, you can create visually captivating slides in just a few clicks. Its rich library of templates and intuitive interface make designing presentations not just easy, but fun too. Easily integrate graphics, videos and animations to bring your ideas to life. Real-time collaboration transforms the way teams work together, encouraging the exchange of ideas and unprecedented cohesion. Whether you're preparing a corporate pitch, an annual report or a training course, Pitch is the ideal tool for communicating your messages with impact and elegance.


Pitch adapts to a multitude of contexts, making each presentation unique and memorable. For start-ups, it's the perfect tool for creating compelling pitches for investors. Marketing teams use it to create dynamic, interactive product presentations. Trainers and educators use Pitch to create attractive and engaging educational content. Even for a company's internal needs, such as meeting reports or team briefings, Pitch simplifies and beautifies communication. Its versatility and ease of use make it the preferred choice for anyone who wants to present their ideas in a professional and captivating way.


  • Real-time collaboration on presentations
  • A wide variety of elegant, modern templates
  • Easy integration of multimedia content
  • A clean, easy-to-navigate interface


  • Fewer advanced features than some traditional competitors
  • May require a stable Internet connection for optimal collaboration

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They are already using no-code tools daily

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