Empower your team with Fibery's customizable workspaces for seamless collaboration and data insights

Revolutionize Your Workspace with Fibery: A No-Code Platform for Smart Collaboration

Fibery is a versatile no-code platform that enables teams to create custom workspaces. With features like AI-driven automation, flexible databases, and integrated reports, it's designed to adapt to your workflow, fostering collaboration and enhancing decision-making across functions​​​​​​.

How does Fibery work?

Fibery offers a canvas for teams to mold their own digital workspace without any coding. It combines databases, automation, and reporting in a single interface, allowing for the creation of customized fields, databases, and relations. The platform is equipped with AI features to automate tasks, generate reports, and search for data efficiently. It's built to support a myriad of functions from product management to software development, making it a versatile tool for businesses looking to streamline their operations and foster collaboration​​​​​​.


At its core, Fibery allows you to map out your company's unique processes using custom fields, databases, and relations. It provides powerful Tableau-like reports within the same context as your work and knowledge, facilitating insightful data analysis. Fibery's AI capabilities extend to automating repetitive tasks, simplifying space creation, and enhancing data search. This platform supports diverse workflows, making it ideal for product managers, founders, operations teams, and software engineers looking for a unified tool to manage projects, strategies, and insights​​​​.


Fibery excels in environments where flexibility and adaptability are key. It's particularly useful for companies aiming to consolidate their work and knowledge management tools into a single platform. From creating a comprehensive product roadmap to managing operations and software development cycles, Fibery offers a tailored solution that grows with your company. It's also an effective tool for augmenting organizational intelligence by breaking down silos between departments and generating actionable insights from data​​​​.


  • Customization at Its Core: Fibery’s customizable approach ensures that you can tailor the workspace to fit your team's unique workflow and terminology.
  • AI-Powered Efficiency: With AI-driven features for automation, reporting, and data search, Fibery reduces manual effort and speeds up decision-making.
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: Unlike other platforms, Fibery offers powerful reporting tools in the context of your work, enabling deep insights from your data​​​​.


  • Learning Curve: The flexibility and customization options may require a learning investment to fully leverage the platform's capabilities.
  • Data Analysis Skills Required: While Fibery provides powerful reporting tools, users need to have some data analysis skills to maximize this feature​​.

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They are already using no-code tools daily

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