Optimize Your Webflow Site with Our Comprehensive SEO Checklist

Discover the secrets of effective optimization for your Webflow site with our comprehensive SEO checklist, now available on our website. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in SEO, this checklist will guide you step by step to maximize the visibility of your site.

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Page Information

The first step is to set up the essential settings of your Webflow pages. Ensure that the title of your page does not exceed 60 characters and that the description stays under 160 characters for optimal optimization. Don’t forget to add an Open Graph image, which not only beautifies your shares on social media but also increases engagement.

Domain Name Settings

It is crucial to properly set your main domain to avoid duplicate content, which can penalize your ranking on search engines.

SEO Tab Configuration

From removing the indexing of the webflow.io domain to establishing the canonical URL, every detail counts to avoid duplicated content and to properly position your site.


Fonts and Images

Importing fonts and managing image formats are vital to improve the performance and SEO of your site. Convert your images to .webp to reduce their size without compromising quality, and make sure to provide relevant alternative texts.

Google Analytics and Link Management

Integrating Google Analytics will allow you to accurately track engagement on your site. Moreover, good link management, including setting nofollow links, is essential to maintain the quality of your site in the eyes of search engines.

Ready to Optimize Your Site?

Our complete checklist is available at this address: SEO Checklist on bebranded.xyz. Follow each step to ensure that your Webflow site is not only beautiful but also performs well on search engines.

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