Google Trends: Understanding trends for a dynamic SEO strategy

Learn how Google Trends can inform your content and SEO strategy, providing you with valuable data on current trends

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Having relevant and powerful keywords is absolutely essential when creating a website, and is one of the most effective ways of improving your SEO and, ultimately, increasing your ranking on search engines.

Google Trends is a key tool for seizing market opportunities and refining your SEO strategy. It's a tool that's often underestimated, but it offers a wealth of valuable information that can transform an ordinary SEO strategy into a dynamic and reactive approach. In this article we'll explore how Google Trends can be a major asset to your business and your SEO strategy.

So what is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free tool powered by Google that analyses the popularity of search terms in Google across different regions and languages. It provides an overview of what people are searching for most at any given time, easily reflecting current trends and public interests. The tool allows you to compare the popularity of different search terms over a given period, offering historical and current insights into trends.

Why is Google Trends so important to your SEO strategy?

Google Trends is an easy-to-use tool that is especially useful for understanding current trends in your market. You can understand which keywords are being searched for the most and compare them, giving you an overview of the different keywords and the content you need to create.

In addition, thanks to the search history for each keyword, it's easy to spot seasonal or event-based variations in search interest, which is crucial for planning targeted marketing campaigns.

How to use Google Trends for SEO Strategy

1. Identifying Emerging Trends

The first step in taking advantage of Google Trends in an SEO strategy is to detect emerging trends. By observing the search terms that are gaining in popularity, it is possible to anticipate the subjects that will soon be of interest to a wide audience. This anticipation makes it possible to create relevant and engaging content that responds to the needs and interests of the moment.

2. Understanding Seasonality

Google Trends is particularly useful for identifying seasonal patterns. For example, search terms related to gardening increase in spring, while those related to Christmas decorations peak in December. By recognising these seasonal trends, businesses can plan their content and marketing campaigns accordingly.

Here is a concrete example: you have an e-commerce business that sells winter items (blankets, mugs, heaters, for example), Google Trends allows you to analyse the traffic for each of these searches. Of course, it's easy to imagine that these items are searched for more in winter than in summer, but Google Trends gives you concrete figures so that you can take action on your marketing strategies to optimise your budgets. In this case, it would be preferable to take marketing actions (advertising, targeted content, etc) in the red boxes.

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3. Location of interests

Another important aspect of Google Trends is its ability to localise users' interests. By filtering data by geographic region, businesses can tailor their content and SEO strategies to specific markets, improving the effectiveness and relevance of their communications.

Using the same example, we can identify that there is a peak in demand for the word 'heating' in La Celle-sous-Gouzon and in many other towns. We can also target interest by region or by department within a country. This is very valuable information, as it allows you to better target your potential customers and reach them more effectively.

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4. Keyword refinement

Google Trends also helps to refine the keyword strategy. By analysing the popularity of different search terms, SEOs can choose more relevant and high-potential keywords to optimise their content.

For the keyword 'heating', we can compare it with other similar keywords. We can identify two keywords that take the lead, 'heating' and 'radiator'.

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The other 3 keywords should not be underestimated in your SEO strategy, as they are more specialised keywords. These so-called 'long tail' keywords have a lower search volume, but they target a more specific audience. There is often less competition on targeted keywords, which allows you to rank for them and reach a more committed audience.

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How to use Google Trends for your SEO strategy

Google Trends is a powerful monitoring tool for your business sector. Keep up to date with the most popular topics in your field and use them to benefit your SEO strategy. Once you've analysed the reports, you can tailor your content or adverts to hit these topics and create a steady stream of organic search traffic. Finally, this tool lets you know exactly where your potential customers are based on your keywords; a great asset for better targeting your content! ‍

Google Trends is a powerful tool for anyone interested in SEO and digital marketing. By offering insights into what people are searching for and how those interests change over time, it allows you to create more dynamic, targeted and effective content strategies. Digital marketers and website owners who use Google Trends wisely are better equipped to meet the changing needs of their audience and stay competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape.

At BeBranded, Google Trends has become an indispensable tool in our content creation and SEO strategy process. Not only does it allow us to stay on top of current trends, it also enables us to offer our clients relevant and effective content strategies. If you're looking to boost your content and capture the interest of your audience, we're here to support you with our expertise and customised tools.

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